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Confidence Comes with a Plan

Self-confidence is not a one-time event. It has to be cultivated over time. This is how you can create a quick and easy personalized self-confidence action plan.

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1. Know thyself.

Make a list of all of your strengths and capabilities.

Each one of you has a special talent, unique in some way.

2. List your major achievements.

Think about all the amazing things you’ve already accomplished. Try focusing on the good stuff. We can choose our thoughts, so choose wisely.

Make a list of all things that you have accomplished at the end of each day.

3. Set goals to boost your confidence.

Setting goals is important. It allows you to see what areas of your dance require the most confidence.

If you have the goal of finding your perfect dance partner, it might require more confidence than when it comes to practicing by yourself.

4. Learn how to motivate yourself.

Real, justified confidence comes from the ability to achieve goals.

Achieving goals largely comes from the ability to stay motivated.

Putting your positive qualities on paper will show you many reasons you have to be self-confident.

5. Take good care of yourself.

Looking and feeling your best can contribute to your self-confidence.

Take the time to stay healthy and fit.

Dress well and practice good grooming habits.

6. Challenge your body on a regular basis.

Continue learning new things, try different exercises, introduce your body to new moves and activities.

Everyone around you will find you attractive. Why?

Because Energy is contagious!

7. Work at it every day.

Work to complete these simple steps continuously.

Strive to better yourself in all of these areas each day.

Self-confidence is not a one-time event.

It has to be cultivated over time.

It can be incredibly rewarding to create your own personalized self-confidence action plan.

Having a high level of CONFIDENCE makes life so much more enjoyable!

YOU, Dance, and Life are the ENERGY!

We can be anything we want…

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