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Blackpool Preparation Camp With Colin James

Sunday, September 17 / 4pm


1) Dancers must register with the dance partner.
2) Dancers must be able to dance International Latin competition rounds.
3) Dancers must be able to dance one minute of three different International Latin dances. (Preferably four to five dances).
*The level of dance is not as important as the dancer’s level of fitness.*


Please fill out the application form below or send us and email with at

with the following information: your name & your partner’s name, dance category you are competing in, your last competition, and upcoming competition. After submitting this short info within a short time, you will receive an email from us with your confirmation and password to register.

Blackpool Preparation Camp Price: $160
Elite Workshops and Blackpool Combo Price: $280

Blackpool Preparation Camp Application Form:


For the past 12 years Blackpool Preparation Camp (BPC) has taken place in Europe, and has become known as the best possible preparation camp for Blackpool Dance Festival. For those dancers who are not yet familiar, Blackpool is the biggest and most prestigious dance competition in the World!

It is organized by a stellar team that is comprised of the world’s top teachers and where Colin James reigns as head coach.


Amazing and challenging training set to the music of Blackpool with pure dancing as the focus.

We promise that you will be pushed to your maximum and will feel prepared for your next big competition or even Blackpool!

Colin James will guide you towards your best performance, inspire you, push you physically and prepare you mentally.

In order to make sure that everyone gains the maximum benefits from this preparation, we will only allow a limited number of couples to join the camp. This exclusivity will serve to make it as beneficial, personal, and intense as possible for those dancers in attendance.

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