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Advanced Dance Camp for Am & Pro Competitors w/ Nadia Eftedal

Advanced Dance Camp for Am & Pro Competitors w/ Nadia Eftedal
Sunday, April 6, 2019 at 6:30 PM – 8:30 PM

Dancing AS the Star
A Saturday Night with Nadia!
(For Advanced Competitors)

Amateur and Professional-level competitive dancers, please come ready to progress, express, and dress… like the star that you are. This is a two-hour session with world-class adjudicator, coach, mentor, and champion dancer, Nadia Eftedal, for goal-driven, competitive dancers.


As an accomplished, active dance professional with extensive experience in the world of DanceSport, Nadia will give you feedback and guidance from multiple perspectives. Nadia brings our competitive dancers a judge’s expert feedback, a caring coach’s tips and teaching points, the wisdom of a mentor, and a dancer’s contagious passion for the world of DanceSport. We are so lucky to have this bonus time with Nadia to soak up her west coast vibes and to learn from her worldly perspectives on DanceSport for competitors. Time to grow your star power and become the master of the competition floor. See you Saturday night!


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