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Smooth & Standard Elite Workshops with Marat Gimaev

Smooth & Standard Elite Workshops with Marat Gimaev

Friday, February 7th, 2020 at DC DanceSport Academy Mosaic

6:00 pm Waltz
6:55 pm Tango
7:50 pm Foxtrot
8:45 pm Viennese Waltz

Smooth & Standard Elite Workshops with Marat Gimaev
$180 All Dancers/All Workshops
$160 DCDA members
Join Champion Marat Gimaev for a night of Standard & Smooth!

Curious about Marat Gimaev?
Marat Gimaev and Alina Basyuk began their dance career together in Moscow, Russia in the year 1999. Both Marat and Alina have Bachelor Degrees in Ballroom Dancing: Marat graduated as a “Teacher of Modern and Old-Time Ballroom Dancing” from the Russian Academy of Theatrical Arts in 2003, while Alina graduated as a “Physical Culture and Sports Specialist” from the Russian State University of Physical Culture in 2000. They quickly became IDSF Ten-Dance World Champions in 2001. Since then Marat and Alina have enjoyed much success in both their Amateur and Professional Dance careers, and have been an inspiration to many younger couples in Russia and all over the world.

Their Results include: World Professional Finalists, The International Professional Finalists, The United Kingdom Open Professional Finalists, Blackpool Professional Finalists, United States National Professional Medalists, Blackpool Professional Ballroom Rising Star Champions, Two Time European Vice Champions, Two time World Cup Holders, Two time European Cup Holders, World Games Bronze Medalists, Five time Russian Champions, Three time World Ten Dance Champions, and Four time Russian National Ten Dance Champions.

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