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Lady’s Latin Styling and Technique (DCDA’s Virtual Ballroom)

Good Morning Dancers and Fabulous Ladies of DCDA!
It’s time for a fresh, bold serving of Lady’s Latin Styling and Technique.
Thursday, March 26, 2020 at 11:45 am
Lady’s Latin Styling and Technique (DCDA’s Virtual Ballroom)

Starting at 11:45 am DCDA will be streaming sexy moves and attitudes for women who want to work it and work out in their at-home ballrooms.
Join Lydia for the first daytime dance session in DCDA’s virtual ballroom. Whether it’s a sultry hip twist, a confident progressive walk, or a powerful locking action…It’s time to feel the music and flow during this unique indoor dance challenge.  See you at 11:45 in the DCDA Virtual Ballroom!

ATTN: Sign up using the Zoom app and we’ll send you the password to join the class.

The Zoom app is available on desktops and mobile devices.  Please follow the following link below to join the class meeting. If you will be attending the class, you will require a password to join. To obtain the password please contact us by 11:30 am tomorrow Thursday, March 26 to receive the password.

Additionally, class attendance will still be taken through the MindBody app. You can check yourself into class thru the app or you can contact us and we will check you into the class. If you need to purchase the drop-in option or a 10 pack of group classes, you can click here and the link will direct you to our MindBody store to make your purchase. Please read the pricing options carefully to determine DCDA member and non-member prices when making your purchase. DCDA members have a green balloon next to their name.

Class Link:

Meeting ID:  773 423 4146

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