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Latin Workshops w/ Joanna Lunies

Exclusive virtual training with the best in the world!
We are thrilled to welcome Joanna Leunis into DCDA’s Virtual Ballroom. Joanna is a Multiple World, European Latin American Champion and record holder. 9 times UK and International Championship winner, 8 times British Open winner, International dance teacher, and judge on Belgian Dancing with the Stars. Joanna will be a guest instructor in our exclusive workshop on Sunday, May 10th and Tuesday, May 12th.

“Actions & Senses” Elite Latin Workshop with Joanna Leunis
SUNDAY, MAY 10th / 12PM – 1:30PM
“Rhythms & Space” Elite Latin Workshop with Joanna Leunis
TUESDAY, MAY 12th / 12PM – 1:30PM
or email us at [email protected]

Let’s enjoy a special weekend together celebrating and doing what we do best…dancing!

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