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July Pro-Am Champions Club

July Pro-Am Champions Club
DC DanceSport Academy Virtual Ballroom
July Pro-Am Champions Club
Tuesday, June 30th @ 8PM
Exclusive Workshop “TIME” w/ Lydia Petrigova
Dancing Around the Clock
Workshop Complimentary for June AND July Pro-Am Champions Club members.

Pro-Am Champions Club July Lineup…
Summertime at DC DanceSport Academy is almost here!…Get ready for more exciting classes, creative workshops, and energetic lessons that will have you burning calories, feeling relaxed, rising to the challenge, and mastering the art and athleticism of dance.

July Schedule:
July 7- Yegor Novikov
“Discipline or Freedom? Picture or Movement?”

July 14- Ieva Pauksena
“B.E.S.T. Tango” (Body Energy Space Time)

July 21- Max Sinitsa

July 28- Lydia Petrigova
Dance Design or Design Your Dance


DC DanceSport Academy is heating up this summer of dance with some sizzling stars from the world of DanceSport. The Pro-Am Champions Club is moving full steam ahead with International champion Yegor Novikov; then we’ll welcome the beautifully skilled Ieva Paksena into DCDA’s Virtual Ballroom. Rounding out the variety of dance styles, one of our favorites, Max Sinitsa, will be presenting an Elite Workshop just for Smooth-lovers. Of course our hot, sizzling lineup wouldn’t be complete without our talented, accomplished, champion coach and teacher, Lydia Petrigova, presenting her own creative topic! Looking forward to making the most of our summer dancing together with friends from around the world.
See you in the Club!

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