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Int’l Latin Dance Camp w/ Nadia Eftedal

Int’l Latin Dance Camp* w/ World Champion Nadia Eftedal

Tuesday, August 9 & Wednesday, August 10 at DC DanceSport Academy

DCDA chooses the world’s most elite coaches to teach our students, bringing you the most valuable tools, people, knowledge, and experiences.

The Int’l Latin Dance Camp on August 9th and 10th is your chance to learn from the world’s leading coach, world-class judge, Blackpool lecturer and adjudicator, and world champion, Nadia Eftedal. More than general workshops, her Dance Camp topics, exercises, drills, and rarely accessible knowledge will give you expert, professional-level insight to launch you closer to your goals. We invite ALL students serious about their dancing to join the Latin Dance Camp with Nadia on August 9th & 10th.

DAY 1: Tuesday, Aug.9
6:30-9:00 pm
Workshop 1: Living the Technique.. technique vs. dancing
Workshop 2: Pulsation in dance.. how movement begins

DAY 2: Wednesday, Aug. 10
6:30-9:00 pm
Workshop 3: Sensing vs Feeling.. are they the same? Are they different?
Workshop 4: Dominant body parts within the dances.. why is it important?

As the pace of the world marches on, with dancers getting better and stronger, and using all the growth and development resources available to them, this is YOUR CHANCE to keep up and stay ahead of the crowd. DCDA teachers select only the BEST, MOST IMPORTANT, ESSENTIAL, and PRECIOUS experiences for our students and for ourselves. DCDA teachers put DCDA students on the same level as professional dancers, and we truly believe you each deserve only the best training. We want to grow with each of you as professional dancers. Join us for two amazing days of Nadia’s Int’l Latin Dance Camp.

*Suitable for students on Development and Performance Pathways. Not suitable for beginners, yet an amazing chance for newer dancers with BIG goals and dreams in mind!

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