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About DC Dancesport Academy

DC DanceSport Academy is an elite Latin and Ballroom dance studio in Fairfax, VA.

Run by internationally accredited performers and adjudicators Lydia Petrigova and Anna Mikhed, we offer dance classes for all ages. Our students come from all walks of life and range in age, background, and dance experience. We proudly offer a place for every dancer at the Academy – from the social dancer to those who wish to compete internationally.

Visit our classes page to learn more about our coaching focus and selection or contact us directly with any questions.

Creative Directors


Lydia Petrigova

Lydia is a world-class dancer, choreographer, and coach.

Lydia graduated with honors from St. Petersburg’s Humanitarian University with a degree in Dance Performance, Teaching and Choreography as well as having studied children’s physiology and psychology. Her focus areas are Ballroom, Latin, Ballet Character, and Jazz Dance.

Lydia has spent the last 20 years training dancers across the world. She established the very first children’s program in Minneapolis, MN and worked as the Artistic Director for the children’s dance schools Altair in St. Petersburg, Russia, and InterDance in the United States.

Lydia’s competitive dance record and expertise place her in the top echelons of ballroom dance. Her students have won international recognitions at shows and competitions throughout Russia, Europe, and the United States.

Lydia was trained by and has worked with many world famous coaches and choreographers. She is a member of the Russian Dance Union (RDU) and the National Dance Council of America (NDCA).

In addition to being a highly-regarded instructor, Lydia has won numerous competitive titles. Among them are:

US Open National Professional Ten Dance Finalist
Ohio Star Professional Rising Star Latin Champion
US Open Professional Rising Star Vice Champion
Youth European World Finalist
Two Times 2009 World Pro-Am Champion


Anna Mikhed

Anna is an internationally renowned competitor, adjudicator, and dance coach.

She started dancing at the age of 5 in her hometown Minsk, Belarus. In her youth, Anna was a national champion in her country and represented Belarus in many competitions across the world.

After moving to the United States, Anna teamed up with the then-US National Amateur Champion, Victor Fung to quickly became the Open Professional Rising Star Champions at the UK and British Open Championships. Since then, Anna has been a U.S. National Professional Standard Vice Champion and a consistent professional finalist in the World, UK, International and British Open Championships.

She is one of the most qualified and knowledgeable dancers in the world, and thrives on sharing her knowledge with students around the world. Anna has been a lecturer at prestigious dance events such as Bad Harzburg Dance Festival in Germany, the Embassy Ball in the U.S., and the Blackpool Congress. In 2002, she received the Top Teacher Award at the XXI GREAT RACE Sports Festival and has also appeared as a guest performer on Dancing with the Stars.

Anna coaches amateur and professional dancers across the U.S., Canada, Japan, Eastern Europe, Hong Kong, China, Germany, New Zealand, and the United Kingdom.


Dance Like Everyone’s Watching
When you walk into DC DanceSport Academy in Fairfax, VA you immediately feel like you’re in a special place. The strip mall location is understated, but inside the front door, you are treated to an immaculate dance studio. The suspended dance floor is pristine. The small office just inside the entrance is white – on white – on white. It’s flawless!

And to top it all off, the woman who owns, manages, and runs the studio is one of the best ballroom dancers in the world. That special feeling you feel when you walk in is no accident.

Lydia Petrigova grew up in Moldova, (part of the former Soviet Union) and began dancing at age 5. She immediately became one of the top students and competitive dancers in the largest dance schools. Her aspiration to dedicate her life to ballroom dancing and coaching resulted in Master’s Degree in Ballroom Dance Choreography from State University in St. Petersburg (Russia). She has competed her entire life to ballroom dancing and coaching – and has enjoyed the highest levels of success along the way.

Among her many honors, Lydia achieved:
– US Open National Professional Ten Dance Finalist
– Ohio Star Professional Rising Star Latin Champion
– US Open Professional Rising Star Vice Champion
– Youth European World Finalist
– Two Times 2009 World Pro-Am Champion

From the USSR to the USA

Lydia came to the US when she was invited to teach in St. Paul, MN. She didn’t expect to stay in the US as long as she did. Her training in the Soviet Union was high pressure and she found the US training to be more supportive and less pressure. She found value in both. She traveled back and forth during her career but never stopped competing. She eventually ended up on the East Coast and has taught in the DC, Maryland and Northern Virginia area for several years now.

In February 2016, Lydia founded DC DanceSport Academy in Fairfax. It had long been a goal of hers to own and manage her own studio. In starting the business, Lydia has managed to create one of the top ballroom dance instructional programs in the entire Mid-Atlantic region of the US. Her students regularly compete and place highly in local, regional, and national competitions.

Lydia says that competition is a lifestyle and that everything goes to achieving greatness at the highest levels of competition. As a professional, she was spending a minimum of 4-6 hours practicing each day. It’s a drive and passion that she now puts into her students – many of whom are now achieving great things as well.” Read Full Review on Fairfax Business Review

“DC DanceSport Academy offers excellent Latin and Ballroom dance instruction. After every class, special seminar or practice round, I leave inspired and motivated to keep working hard and improving. And I have the unique opportunity to learn directly from world-renowned coaches! Absolutely one of the best schools on the East Coast!” – Ana C.

“DC DanceSport Academy is truly the place where dreams come true! Within less than a year I transformed from a beginner with limited knowledge and minimal dance experience to a champion and finalist in all major competitions on the East Coast. I am eternally grateful to Lydia and her team for all the love, care, and support!” – Dee R.

“Mrs. Petrigova has an extensive knowledge of dance and is not only one of the best performers I have ever seen, but also an extraordinary teacher. Her high professionalism, outstanding talent, and bright personality make her one of the best experts in her field.” – Vladimir Pavlov (Professional Ballroom Dance Fellow, an Examiner for the Russian Dance Union, and a member of the International Dance Teacher’s Association)

“When I first met Lydia, I was considering giving up competing in Latin dancing. After working with her for a short time, I found my interest to be reignited. Her technical expertise, her flair for styling, and her passion for teaching helped accomplish a lot more on the dance floor. Working with her, I feel like the sky is the limit.” -Gary W.

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