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DC Dancesport Academy offers elite-level ballroom dance group classes in all styles. For new dancers, we offer classes in the fundamentals of dance. For competitors and more experienced dancers, we provide high-end dance training. Register Online Today Using MINDBODY!

Classes do not require a partner. Walk-ins are welcome.

DCDA Mosaic
Beginner/Intermediate/Advanced Training Schedule – July 2019

Studio Location: 8315 Lee Hwy Suite 210, Fairfax, VA 22031
Phone: (703) 462-8020

Ballroom & Latin

7:00 PM Newcomer
7:00 PM Ballroom/Bronze
7:45 PM Latin/Bronze
8:30 PM Hustle

Rhythm & Smooth

7:00 PM Rhythm/Bronze
7:45 PM Smooth/Bronze
8:30 PM Smooth/Silver


7:00 PM Newcomer


11:45 AM Lunchtime Dance Break/Technique Class

Latin Seminars &Rounds
(Open Gold, Pre-Champ, Champ)
7:00 PM Cha-Cha
7:45 PM Samba
8:30 PM Latin Rounds

No classes July 4th


7:00 PM Social Foundation
July 12 “White Nights” Party”
7 PM Strictly Beginner Party
8 PM-10 PM Lesson & Party

Collegiate & Am-Am Students

11:00 AM Latin/Silver
11:45 AM Latin/Gold
12:30 PM Ballroom/Silver
1:30 PM PRACTICA/Ballroom & Latin


JULY 21 – 22, 2019
Smooth Camp & Private Lessons w/ Olga Foraponova

Please contact us or call the studio at (703) 385-3200 for pricing and membership details.

DCDA Fairfax
Intermediate/Advanced Training Schedule – July 2019

Studio Location: 9703 Fairfax Blvd, Fairfax, VA 22031
Phone: (703) 385-3200


7:45pm Social Foundation

Technique & Fundamentals (All levels)

7:00pm  Latin: Jive
7:45pm Latin: Cha-Cha
8:30pm Ballroom: Slow Waltz

Private Lessons
Private Lessons
Private Lessons and Open Practice
Latin Master Classes

11:00am Samba
11:45am Rumba


Please contact us or call the studio at (703) 385-3200 for pricing and membership details.

Schedule subject to change based on class enrollment.
Please e-mail us at [email protected] or call the studio at (703) 385-3200 for packages options.

Adult Group Classes

Basic Latin Day

These classes are the perfect opportunity to get introduced to the fundamentals of dancesport – from basic steps and figures to technique, posture, coordination, balance, rhythm, and musicality. The group classes do not require a partner and are offered on a weekly basis to children, youth, and adults.

Smooth Seminar

Through examination of each one of the four waltz, tango, foxtrot, Viennese waltz  dances– we will cover a variety of subjects from musicality to posture, partnering skills, performance, and technique. Each class is a 45-minute session, and each month, the sessions will change topic. These classes are ideal for beginner & intermediate level dancers.

Technique and Styling Day

Wednesday evening is dedicated to technique and styling for both Standard and Latin dancers. A bonus styling class is dedicated specifically to ladies. The goal is to learn proper styling/technique to help dancers appear poised, graceful, and confident on the dance floor, while simultaneously remaining in full control of their routines. These sessions are 45 minutes long and do not require a partner. Open to all levels.

Master Latin Seminars

Master Latin classes train advanced dancers and competitors. These classes focus on advanced technique, rhythm, and musicality, with additional focus on competitive/performing skills. Supervised practice rounds immediately follow, allowing dancers to practice class topics.

Mixed Level Latin

Mixed Level Latin classes teach a variety of Latin steps – from basic steps to open choreography – and focus on topics such as styling, partnering, performing, coordination, and balance. Students of all levels are welcome.

Supervised Practice Rounds

Every Thursday evening

DC DanceSport Academy offers supervised practice Latin rounds for dancers and competitors on Thursdays. These rounds provide critical feedback for dancers and allow competitors to practice their routines, endurance, and floor craft.

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