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Dance Classes for Kids

Kids Dance Classes

DC Dancesport Academy offers elite-level dance training and education to children between the ages of 3 and 4, 5 and 7, children between the ages of 8 and 11, and adolescents age 12 and above.

These classes give children the opportunity for a full-body exercise and the ability to build confidence, physical strength, flexibility, grace, and social skills.

Kids’ Fall Semester
Dance Classes For Boys and Girls, Ages 4 – 16
September 7 – December 17, 2022

DC DanceSport Academy is excited to announce our Kids’ Fall Semester!

Registration for Fall Semester

6 – 6:45 pm: Intermediate Bronze (Pre-Teen: 7-11 years old)
6 – 6:45 pm: Intermediate Bronze (Junior: 12-16 years old)

6 – 6:45 pm Learn 2 Dance (Beginner class open to all ages)
Know kids who like to dance? … Invite them to take a Trial Class on Wednesday at DCDA!
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9:45 – 10:30 am: Pre Bronze (Rising Stars: 7 & under years old)
10:30-11:15 am: Pre Bronze (Pre-Teen: 7-11 years)
10:30-11:15 am: Pre Bronze (Junior: 12-16 years old)

Registration for Fall Semester

**To find the right class for your child, please contact our studio at (703) 462-8020 or [email protected], and a staff member can assist you.**


Kids Live Love Laugh 2022
DCDA’s Winter Showcase*
Sunday, December 11th @3PM
*No Registration Fee Required
*Each participating student gets TWO FREE spectator tickets

Showcase Day Schedule
Attention Parents:
Kids Drop-off 2:15 PM
In costumes with full hair and makeup completed & student is ready to dance.

Spectator Ticket Pick-up 2:00 PM
At front desk when dropping off children.

Doors Open for Spectators 2:55 PM
Please leave all large bags in the car, hang coats on the rack near the front door, and take your seats for a great show!

‘Tis the season! Every year in December our students, parents, and teachers gather together for an amazing Winter Showcase celebration. This event is a unique opportunity for our kids and teens to dress up, look their best, & step out on the dance floor to put on their most professional and confident performance, showcasing what they learned during the semester. Get ready for a memorable Winter Showcase as this is going to be a very special event for our youth dancers and their families!

Help spread the word in the community! Please share this event with anyone curious about dancing as we continue to grow this very special annual event for kids. THANK YOU!


If your child will be missing a class, please tell our staff in advance through email at least 24 hours in advance, and from there, we will pre-arrange a suitable make-up class for your child. No drop-in make-up classes are allowed. To view our full make-up class procedures and policies, please contact our studio.

Annual Registration Fee for one student- $35 (non-refundable)
Annual Registration for two of more students from the same family-$50 (non-refundable)

As a center for dance education and the Performing Arts, DC DanceSport Academy prioritizes the health, safety, and learning needs of its students. All lessons are done in full compliance with the CDC recommendations for social distancing.  Our studio will require children to continue wearing masks at all times, until fully vaccinated. Family members and parents will also be required to wear a mask inside our studio unless a CDC vaccination card is presented to staff.

*The studio reserves the right to cancel any scheduled class session with less than four students in attendance and to change the space availability in either Monday, Tuesday, or Saturday classes based on student enrollments.

HOBBY Program or MEDAL Program?
Choose Your Track!


At DCDA, a Hobby Program is “inclusive” training that is student-centered, GENERAL instruction. Teachers present concepts in a welcoming and flexible classroom environment; this curriculum is accessible to all students.

A Unique Approach: Students are encouraged to design their own goals, practice essential skills based on their own learning style, and master material on their own timeline. In the DanceSport world, this is referred to as a “Hobby Dancer.” Students not only become experts in dance, but also how they learn best. But wait!…*HOBBY DANCER DOES NOT MEAN BEGINNER!*

Each week classes progress & challenge dancers to grow; the main difference between a HOBBY dancer and a MEDALIST dancer is simply how fast they attain their goals. A Hobby Program allows kids to become as good as they want to be, on their own timeline.


At DCDA, a MEDAL PROGRAM offers “exclusive” training that is specific, competitive, and based on the Medalist System. Like the Olympics, students progress through BRONZE, SILVER, and GOLD levels. These structured levels teach young students specific steps in a specific order, which maximizes students’ understanding and growth as their dance progress becomes measurable and clear.

Fitness is another important component that distinguishes the Medalist dancer from the Hobby dancer. Strength, power, and endurance are essential components of the curriculum and are built during every session on the dance floor. Frequency is key, as regular training will prevent students from spending time re-learning skills from week to week.

As part of a MEDAL Program students will perform and compete, thus proving and demonstrating their knowledge and proficiency as they “graduate” from one level to the next.


Group 3-4 years old

Preschoolers love to dance! We make it super fun for them to get involved and develop a love of movement. Your kids will learn to express their creativity, develop social skills, and build confidence in their own bodies. Nothing is more exciting for a child than movement, music, and fun!

Social Interaction
Exercise/Good Health

Group 5-6 years old

Your kindergarten-aged kids will love these fun, high-energy dance classes! We begin to teach the basic principles of movement used in ballroom dancing. We will expand your child’s love of dance and continue to boost their confidence, self-esteem, and social skills. We also prepare the kids for some fun local competitions.

Strength & Flexibility
Coordination & Balance
Social Interaction

Group 7+ years old

Your kids are ready for competition! These classes will take your child to the next level. We focus on developing proper technique, flexibility, and performance skills. Your kids will be introduced to Ballroom dances (Walz, Tango, Foxtrot, Quickstep) and Latin dances (Cha-Cha, Samba, Rumba, Jive, and Pasodoble).

Team Concepts


Let Your Dance Journey Begin!

Registration for Fall Semester
Schedule subject to change based on class enrollment.
Please e-mail us at [email protected] or call the studio at (703) 385-3200 for packages options.

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