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Private Coaching

DC Dancesport Academy offers unparalleled private dance coaching to students of any age and at any level.

Private dance lessons are the fastest and most comprehensive way to excel as a dancer and performer. They give you undivided, one-on-one attention from an experienced dance professional who works with you to improve your dance skills quickly and efficiently. All private lessons are fully customized to your dance experience, goals, personality, and learning style. This personalization offers flexibility to develop your dancing comfortably at your desired pace.

Private lessons can be taken alone or can be shared with a dance partner. They can be scheduled as-needed or on a regular basis. They are also helpful to both experienced dancers and beginners alike.

Regardless of your dance level, DC DanceSport Academy offers a range of private dance lesson packages to help you develop both as a social/recreational and as a competitive dancer.

Private Lessons for Beginner Social and Recreational Dancers

Ballroom dancing is a great way to make a positive lasting impression during your next special event, wedding, or holiday party. It is also an incredible wellness driver, helping you stay physically and mentally healthy and fit. Regardless of the goal, knowing how to move rhythmically to the music, how to smoothly lead a partner, and how to elegantly navigate a dance floor are crucial skills for social and recreational dancers. To help you acquire these skills and more, consider a private dance lesson package from our dance academy.

Basic Planning Course

This dance lesson package includes 3 private lessons with a seasoned dance pro and is designed to introduce you to social dancing. During this course, you will become familiar with the different social dance styles and their basic steps.

Partial Foundation Course

This package includes 6 private lessons and aims to help you develop a greater understanding of the dance principles and mechanics behind social dancing. At this stage, our dance instructors can also help you develop short social dance routines.

Social Foundation Course

Inclusive of 10 private dance lessons, this package will take you from basics to advanced knowledge, focusing heavily on partnering skills and interpretation of music.

Private Lessons for Elite and Competitive Dancers

Advanced social and competitive dancers can greatly benefit from working with a dedicated coach on a regular basis. Your coach and you will create a detailed plan to help you take your skills to the next level and truly master the art of ballroom dancing.

At DC DanceSport Academy, we understand what it takes to train at the highest levels of performance. All of our dance professionals hold international and world championship titles and are training to help you prepare both mentally and physically for your next big event, showcase, or dance competition. Choose from the packages below to get started on your path to performance success:


Experienced in both the International and American ballroom dance styles, our coaches will help you shape up your dance routines in 5 private lessons. In this introductory package, they will also help you create a focused dance plan to practicing and working either alone or with a partner.


With 10 private lessons, this package is designed to help you refine your dance skills through in-depth work on partnering, dance technique, musicality, and rhythm. During these private sessions, you will also work with your dedicated coach on creating a personalized performance or competition preparedness strategy.


Our Excel package is ideal for upper-level and committed social dancers and competitors. It is uniquely created to unlock your true dance potential and uncover those elements of your abilities and knowledge that will bring the best out of you. At this stage, you will also be introduced to advanced dance ideas that will enhance your presentation and theatrical performance.

A la carte private lessons are available for all levels of dancers. Start with one or talk to us about customizing a bundle. Bring your dancing to the next level with a private lesson from DC DanceSport Academy!

Private lessons can be scheduled on a regular, weekly basis or as needed. For prices, special offers, and policies on how to schedule a private lesson, please contact us.

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