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DCDA's Fall Showcase 'Spooktacular' Sunday, October 22, 2023


DCDA October 7th, 2023

DCDA’s Fall Showcase ‘Spooktacular’
Sunday, October 22, 2023
6:30 PM – 8:30 PM
Dress Rehearsal Night on Friday, Oct. 20th @8PM

'Spooktacular!' DC DanceSport Academy Fall Showcase

DCDA’s Fall Showcase ‘Spooktacular’

DCDA September 19th, 2022

DCDA’s Fall Showcase ‘Spooktacular’
Saturday, October 29th / 7pm – 9pm
at DC DanceSport Academy

Showcase Of Champions - DCDA Fall Showcase

Live Love Laugh 2021 DCDA’s Annual Gala

DCDA November 13th, 2021

Live Love Laugh 2021
DCDA’s Winter Showcase
Sunday, December 12th / 6:30PM – 8:30PM

DCDA Fall Showcase Pre-Halloween Night

DCDA’s Fall Showcase “Spooktacular!”

DCDA October 2nd, 2021

DCDA’s Fall Showcase “Spooktacular!”
Saturday / October 30th
7:30pm – 9:30pm

Showcase MASKquerade at DC DanceSport Academy

Showcase MASKquerade

DCDA September 13th, 2020

Showcase MASKquerade
Awaken Your Inner STAR!
Saturday, October 4th, 2020 / 6pm – 8pm at DC DanceSportAcademy Mosaic.

DCDA eMotion Spring Showcase

DCDA March 4th, 2020

DCDA Spring Showcase
DC DanceSport Academy Mosaic
Sunday, March 29th / 6pm – 9pm

LOVE Link Showcase Reharsal

Showcase Rehearsal

DCDA November 26th, 2019

Live Love Laugh Showcase Rehearsal
Friday, December 13th, 2019 / 8PM – 9:30PM
DCDA Mosaic

LIVE LOVE LAUGH 2019 – DCDA Annual Gala

DCDA November 22nd, 2019

LIVE LOVE LAUGH 2019 – DCDA Annual Gala
You are invited to DC DanceSport Academy’s Annual Gala on Saturday, December 14, 2019 at 6:30 pm!

Kids Winter Showcase 2018 Official Photos

DCDA December 20th, 2018

Check out the amazing moments captured by
Eamonn Knights Photography at our Kids Winter Showcase!!

Kids Showcase

DCDA June 8th, 2017

You are cordially invited to the DC DanceSport Academy’s Kids Showcase on June 11, 2017 starting at 4pm!

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