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Boring Dancers

Take a moment to think about the dancers you talk about the most. I bet you, they are the furthest away from being boring. The reality is that no one talks about boring dancers. We all talk about the craziest, most unexpected and surprising ones. So, are you a boring dancer?

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If the dance community isn’t talking about you, there is a reason.

The reason is that you are BORING.

And you are probably boring on purpose.

You have a boring costume because that’s safer.

You have boring styling in your routines because to have to do otherwise would be nuts.

You have boring choreography because that’s what you think is appreciated and acceptable.

By the way, the dancers on the picture are not boring and if you see them live, you will be talking about their performance for a long time and will never forget the impression they left on you.

Do you want to continue being BORING?

I hear you saying, NO!

Then start doing, thinking, applying something different in your dance and in your life.

Because you can!

To dance well & look good you need:

Musicality and Rhythm in your dancing

Number one criteria for all judges & dancers

Good Posture

Everybody notices dancers who have remarkable body alignment

Great Attitude

The Power of your Presence can create miracles

Applying the Secrets of great Performance

And they are achievable


These four aspects will be presented in four easy, interactive & informative workshops.

Anyone can master it!

If you see, if you feel, if you understand the magic of it, YOU CAN!

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