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Ballroom Distancing Dance Challenge!

Perhaps your corona choreography will be the one to “go viral…” (in a good way!)

You know the timing, the tempos, the rhythms, the steps, the variations of the steps, how to style them, and you’ve even explored dancing “outside the box…” Yet the present moment in life calls us to literally and figuratively now dance “in the box.” So within these new confines, we invite dancers to join DCDA’s Ballroom Distancing Dance Challenge…with the winner announced after the performances at the Summer Showcase. Starting with the end in mind, dancers will:

1) TELL US how much space you have
2) CHOOSE MUSIC that inspires you or simply enjoy, & send it to your teacher
(We will listen & choreograph the routine/dance
to challenge your specific abilities & personality,
then send you a custom video)
4) LEARN & PRACTICE the routine at home
5) GET READY for the SHOW!

Just as the competitive dance floor changes from moment to moment, with couples flying past one another, forcing dancers to adapt and continually make adjustments to maintain their course…DCDA dancers are going to learn how to adapt their dancing to the current ballrooms available (in-home) and create something truly special during this unique period in our dance history.

Dancers may choose to perform two to three dances in the challenge (teachers will create choreography for each style). Your space may be limited, but creativity is limitless…

And finally, after this pandemic is over we’re going to round out this chapter with an epic celebration.

Join DCDA’s Ballroom Distancing Dance Challenge and perform at the
Not-The-End-Of-The World Pandemic Pink Party!

Ballroom Distancing Dance Challenge
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