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Private Coaching Sessions w/ Travis and Jaimee Tuft

Private Coaching Sessions  w/ Travis and Jaimee Tuft

July 15, 2021 at DC DanceSport Academy
Private Coaching Sessions with Travis and Jaimee Tuft

The most accomplished and skilled dancers can seamlessly weave together technical elements with true artistry in their performances. Want to learn how you can do the same? Gain growth as an insider as you learn from some of the top dancers in the industry. Travis and Jaimee Tuft know what it takes to achieve greatness, not only in the competitive world of DanceSport, but in the impressive, challenging, and niche world of Theater Arts in DanceSport. Save the date and reserve your private coaching session on July 15th!

For interested students, please contact the studio at (703) 462-8020 or write to us at

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